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Koolatron 12V Travel 'N'Grill

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UPC: 059586401596

The ultimate camping accessory - make meals quickly and easily no matter where you are!

  • Floating hinge accommodates foods of all sizes

  • Non-stick surfaces for easy cleaning

  • Dual grilling panels for fast cooking

  • Plugs into your vehicle's cigarette lighter

  • Uses only 15 amps of power



Product Description

The Koolatron 12 Volt Travel N' Grill cooks from frozen and gives you delicious meals on the go in just minutes. Powered directly from your cigarette lighter, this innovative product uses only 15 amps of power. This is a must have to anyone who enjoys long road trips, RVing, camping, or boating.

The Koolatron 12 Volt Travel N' Grill's top and bottom panels are heated grilling surfaces, which ensure your food cooks faster. The sloped design allows all the excess fat from the food to drain away. The drip tray is removable and very easy to clean.

The floating hinge on the grill accommodates various thickness of meat. So whether it's a few burgers or a large porterhouse steak, you can enjoy your favourite foods no matter where the road takes you.

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