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Air Gold Air Purifier and Deodorizer with Light - XJ202

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  • Whisper silent - does not contain a motor.
  • Innovative, compactly designed air cleaner incorporates cordless electric plug to enable a close fit to wall without occupying unnecessaryspace.
  • Clean, fresh smelling air circulates electronically - without any moving parts and without noise
  • Clean air circulates a steady stream of sanitizing ozone that destroys odors at the source
  • Add boost feature for strong odors.
  • Bright LED Night Light


Product Information

Air Gold's Plug in Ionic Air Purifier will keep the air in your home free of mold, dust, pollen, dander and other allergens. This air purifier traps and holds airborne particles onto an ionically charged, reusable dust collector. Simply remove, clean and reuse the dust collector; no need for expensive replacement filters.

Air Gold™ uses advanced ionic technology circulating negative ions and ozone (O3). The metal dust collector produces static electricity to absorb microscopic contaminants and allergens in the air such as dust, pollen, fungal spores, etc. No replacement filter needed.

Details & Specifications

The Air Gold Air Purifier / Deodorizer :

• Simply plug in the air cleaner directly into the wall.
• Air Gold™ will begin to work immediately.

Cleaning the Air Gold Air Purifier

Lentek™ Air Gold Air Purifier - Cleaning Method

• Do not use wet hand to plug or unplug the cleanener from power socket to avoid electric shock.
• Do not wet or soak the cleaner. Do not insert metallic items into the cleaner. Do not dismantle -
doing so could cause electric short and damage to internal parts.
• Static electric noise caused by moisture content in the air during operation of the cleaner is harmless.
• Unplug from electric socket when you clean your air cleaner. Pull out the dust collector from the
top (see picture) and wipe with a soft clean cloth; a mild detergent may be used to clean the exterior.

• This cleaner is suitable for use in large areas, bed rooms, offices, or meeting rooms.


Rated Voltage
Power Used
XJ 202
AC 230/50Hz

What Do I Get?
  • Air Gold Air Purifier / Deodorizer.
  • All Prices are in U. S. Dollars